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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 5, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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obstacle to winning a nobel prize, i will continue my research, one smile a time until i prove that smiling is contagious because i don't want to live in a world where it is not. good evening it is tuesday november 5th i am gasia mikaelian this is bay area news. a steady streams of cars heading to the bay area's new west casino on opening day. the patrol says the parking lot was full by 11 a.m. and the traffic backed upstretched for miles. happening now of big crowds of the bay area's newest destination, our christian is live outside of the great casino
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located left of highway 101, christian looks like traffic is heading east some where tonight. >> reporter: it was about 5:00 this afternoon and the last hour it started to pick up again presumably that people got off work decided to come by and check out the casino. the casino had been open for 5 hours now and now they're finding the road running a little smoother. california patrol says it started out running smoothly enough but half hour after the casino open its doors, there was a back up and the heavy traffic made the freeway looked more like a parking lot and speeds maybe 10 miles per hour and a period of maybe an hour or two. >> you must have some frustrated drivers out there. >> the crowds were so heavy that the casino had to close its doors
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for a while to prevent fromover crowding. >> it was good until we got to 101 and it took us another -- an hour to get here and that's the next exit down. >> oh, man, it was intense, you would not believe. it took a while to get here and finding a parking spot was something else. >> officers say visitors parked in any available spot, welcome or not and visitors causing gridlocks on the street lead to the casino. drivers felt the effect of the casino opening as well whether they want to go to the casino or not. >> it was pretty bad. >> nightmare >> the chp says the even commute were smooth, the casino did not add much volume on 101 by the evening. >> people leaving is not much of a problem than getting here. >> reporter: the and they're expecting a lot of people coming to
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check it out and expecting things to slow down some what after that. this weekend it can be heavy. this casino has forever changed the traffic pattern in the area, we are live, ktvu channel 2 news. a man shot by police in fairfield shod today has died. 24-year-old johnny. officers chased trailer to highway 12. they say he attacked an officer with a knife and so they opened fire. highway 12 was shut down for several hours but has reopened. the mother of a teenager shot and killed marched side by side of demonstrator today in a large protest of santa rosa. >> this happened 2 weeks ago today. the mother of lopez told us she
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and the others won't stop. the 13-year-old was carrying an assault rifle and protesters are demanding a grand jury investigation. >> the grand jury has power and there is investigators that's working for the da. during the meeting community members and county leaders weigh in on the lopez's case. san francisco linebacker aldon smith is back on the team. smith spoke with the media today and says that his time away had allow him to clear his mind. >> getting back here and being around the guys and getting my life back at home and i got a ten month old son and so i am doing the father thing and trying to you know make sure i am already to go. >> back in september smith was arrested on suspicious of
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driving and it was his second arrest. now to more gone hill where family say they're shocked of a day care worker were drunk on the job. anna marie lopez has been charged. slurring her speech. she had bn with the day care for ten years and at least two parents told police they had prior concerns. >> the concerns was the fact that this woman is opening up the day care center is the only one there watching these kids and she's too intoxicated not only to take care of herself but the kids. >> staff and development at the center telling us they're conducting their own investigation and they would not tell us if lopez were still employed. one day after coming of the oldest female to finish the new york marathon. the gym teacher fell during
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the marathon and hit her head on the pavement, she got up and finished. she died yesterday after she told her family she was tied and went to lay down. friends and family say johnson laid down and doing what she loved. we get continuing coverage and the online effort to help the victims. >> in less than 24 hours, oakland police arrested the person they believe committed crime. >> our suspect is a 50-year-old male. and he goes to school here in od . >> an 18-year-old man possibly wearing a skirt was -- for some reason
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this 16-year-old boy now under arrest came up and said the 18-year-old's clothes were on fire. >> we have confirmed the suspect is a student at oakland high school and at the school some students said they were on that bus >> the victim is identified as sasha fleischman. his friend set up a website to raise money for recovery. he's now at the burn unit and he had second and third degree burn on his lower body and police say he's in stable condition. >> the victim does not know the suspect. >> police use the surveillance video from the bus to find the suspect. >> that's awfully shocking. that's horrible. >> one man told me he thinks the crime could be by video games. >> do you know of a video game where people are setting each other on fire? >> a bunch and manhunt.
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all the grand theft throttle why favorite by the way. >> in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. that includes tailgating and swerving between lanes and our cameras captured all of that and more on . the goal of the yearlong crack down is to reduce the number of fatal and injury crashes by 5%. a big rig over turned blocking the road way for almost five hours today. the crash happened after 8:30 this morning on westbound 24 near the broadway exit. at least 7 other vehicles were involved in the chain reaction accident and no one was seriously hurt but the crash led to a major traffic back up that stretched
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through the tunnel and all the way to lafayette. >> i felt the biggest explosion and then there is a lot of accidents or incidents after that. >> i got rear ended, i thought i was going to die. >> workers shut down three lanes of the crash. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a bucket of used needles spill on the road. first, there was as many as 2000 needles. the road were closed for the clean up and it is not clear where the needles came from but authorities did find a number on the bucket. there is one hotly debated on the san francisco ballot. voters have an opportunity to vote on a proposed luxury condo and a shopping complex on the water front. it would exceed the current height limits. the registered
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voters said voters turn out is about 25% low but typical for an off year. the change is in the work of san jose city hall. >> i am thrilled, it is going to be an opportunity and a challenge and i am looking forward to work with the city. >> the council voted 8-3 in o appointed him to the post and the added responsibility comes with a $50, 000 raise. electric car makers said they lost $38 million. and they exceeded the goals for the quarter delivering model s car. broader markets were mixed. dow and industrial lost 20 points
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and nasdaq gained 3. . the demolition of the bridge shifts into high-gear tomorrow with multiple layers. a beautiful house and lawn until you see what pigs did. and mild weather will continue for your wednesday before a cooler pattern shapes up for the second half of your week, i will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and weekend, coming up.
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u.s. marshall oakland police and the fbi stand out in the west land neighborhood today to search for the armer suspect. but the suspect jumped out of a window and escaped.
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authorities set up a perimeter and searched the area, the suspected robber was found about an hour and a half later hiding behind the west oakland center, he was taken into custody. the university told department heads that immediate cut adjustments are needed to cut the balance. that one faculty member told us the university is in true crisis mode. the school is not making mid year cut and it is simply asking departments to live within their budget and the department chairs call for a meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation. our tom vacar tonight on the top line and the first section to go. >> by the time it was finished 1936, the eastern span was one of the
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most complicated bridges to built making it dangerous to take down. >> the engineers have been studying of the blueprints of how the bridge is built so they can take it apart in the exact order. >> first thing removing the road way called the candle lever and that'll allow big machines to come into take the big section down. >> what you will see is what folks saw 76 years ago as the bridge just being finished of the huge gap in the double arch se. >> the half connected to the island and the famous s curve will go next all the way down to the water footings. >> that's the priority because this is what's blocking the completion of the bike path. >> the other half of the arch section, next to go the five span that looks like a railroad bridge and the long slope section connecting to oakland
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will be removed. >> the final contract is to do all the work of the water line down to mud line. >> it is looking like end of 2017 is when all the work should bd. >> scheduled for mid december will now be delated inside mid january delayed until mid january. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news . the figure will be on display starting tomorrow. a new troll were told to be created for the new span. it is a piece of concrete from the foundation of the cathedral before it
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was relocated from the original home. the concrete was removed from an area - the extra work to salvage that real lick caused additional $250, 000. city council sam is proposing a deal with the southern california company to put in a bandstand to safe james park. america's biggest cycling event is returning to the bay area for the 9th consecutive year. it will start on may 11th in sacramento right in front of the state capitol hill. racers were travel along more than 100 miles. the ride to the bay area locations chosen to host the stage three of the race, it will begin in san jose and finish with a gruelling climb to
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the top of mt. diablo. it will finish on may 18th. the results are in tonight from two big election races on the east coast. first in new jersey chris christy easily won reelection. what many voters want to know is whether christy will leave the governor's mansion with to the white house in 2015. the polls show many voters casting the ballots for change. voter turn out was low. tonight the state of illinois is said to be become of -- illinois -. a
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while pig problem is leading to change tonight in san jose. in just the past hour here, the city councils voted to allow the animals to be shot and killed. our john fowler explains who can shoot the pig and how long. >> in this neighborhood, the yards are being torn up by wild pigs. >> as we showed you seven weeks ago. wild pigs seeking food and water are invading the bay area neighborhoods >> they're about 6 or 8 adults and 6 or 8 smaller ones. >> homeowners say damage can run to tens of thousands dollars. many are changing the law on shooting inside the city limits. >> councilman johnny called for today's you are general
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exception for the firearm discharge permit. . . but, the law first requires relocation. the new law would allow the trapper with a proper permit to shoot the problemed pig. >> this is more needs to be done of controlling the population. >> the city council approved the ordinance effectively but expires in 3 months. john fowler ktvu channel 2 news meteorologist rosemary is talking to us about tomorrow which will provide a little bit of relief for those that's chatter. >> yeah, not nearly as cold. we have got some nice and warmer temperatures for today and that'll help to translate into a not so cold night. we got some temperatures right now in the 50s.
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checking in right at 52 and 52 in walnut creek and santa rosa, 9 degrees above the seasonal average, mostly sunny skies from the coast inland and the numbers for most at least a few degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures will peak tomorrow before we start a downward trend. the winds are generally light. light breeze in fairfield and cn concord right now. so far for tomorrow, it is going to be a warmest day, we have a trough that's going to be working its way. take a look at what it is going to do for our number, tomorrow, some of the warmer spots will be in the mid upper 70s but by friday we are talking about 70 degrees and the cooler temperatures will come in time for your weekend. as we get
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going tomorrow morning still a cool one but not too bad. 40 degrees for santa rosa and 44 for fremont and low 40s for morgan hill and in the afternoon temperatures feeling a lot like today and warmer for some. 77 for santa rosa and 73 for nevada. lows to mid-70s for the inland east bay and down in the south bay you are looking at 73 for san jose and 74 for cupertino and along the peninsula in the afternoon. palo alto in the low 70s and lows to mid-60s for the coasts with mostly sunny skies, your extended forecast and stay with your bay area weekend always in view, notice that we begin to drop and into the weekend, temperatures ranging in the low to mid-60s for most of us around the bay and inland upper 60s.
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there is a buzz about a new comic super hero how her affiliation will impact her story line. the 49ers fans get the first track before the wrecking ball is put to work.
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public tour of the white house resumes today and visitors got a
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surprise. the white house released this picture of president obama and the first lady michelle obama greeting people in the blue room. now the white house is open for tourer, three day as week. marvel comic is introducing a new hero. she's a muslim, her super power is thy to change shape. the creator say that she will fe issues like many teams like the muslim family. starting today, 49ers fans will have the chance to buy their seats. that includes shipping and non season ticketholder will get their opportunity next month. niners fan
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should note that -- returning to practice. the team has 21 day to either place him on practice or adding him to the season. thank you for making us your choice for news. i am gasia. our coverage continues at 10 p.m.. tmz is up next on tv 36. thank you. we all have our little tricks.
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mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. >> today on "tmz" -- >> we have been subpoenaed. charlie sheen's nemesis, brooke mueller, wants all of our video. this could end up putting charlie sheen in jail. >> charlie sheen just tweeted. "happy birthday, brooke, go ahead and blow out this candle." there's a grenade on top. >> d.m.x. was in hot water yesterday. again, he adds another fine mugshot to his repertoire. >> what did he do? >> driving while d.m.x. >> jaimie alexander, she's in the new "thor" movie, they had the premiere last night. she has on this dress, basically only covers the parts that need to be covered. >> that's better than a side boob. >> you don't want a side boob on


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